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Sheila's LiveJournal

Sheila Finch
29 October
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I was born in England and first attended college there, but I married an American and came with him to Indiana University where I received an MA. After five years we left Bloomington for California. I taught college for thirty years, mostly creative writing and the literature of science fiction, but some regular compostion and intro to lit. too. I joined SFWA in 1981, and I've served as a Vice President, Chair of Griefcom, and Western Regional Director.

I recently retired from teaching creative writing and science fiction, full time, at a local community college. I've published eight novels with Bantam, Ace and Tachyon, and a lot of short fiction in the magazines and a number of articles about science fiction. July 2007, a collection of stories about the Guild of Xenolinguists appeared from Golden Gryphon.

In addition to writing, I'm spending my retirement time on greyhound rescue, world travel and volunteering at a local hospice.