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Christmas Tree


Advent is my favorite season, more so than Christmas itself. It's that delicious time of anticipating glorious treats ahead, a time when anything I can dream of just might happen. I like the blossoming decorations, the carols, the cards, crowds of people with smiling faces (well some of them, at any rate!) I like the chill in the air and the possibility we might have snow -- in Southern California, a white Christmas is a very slim possibility, but I can see snow-capped mountains from my balcony. And in church, the advent candles are lit, one more each week.

Yesterday at St. Luke's, the creche was blessed. One by one, families in the congregation carried the figures to the creche by the baptismal font, while the congregation sang advent hymns. The sheep were placed in position, the shepherds, and all of the other familiar players in the Christmas story. What to me was so moving was that some of those families of adults and starry-eyed children, were gay.

Love is all you need. Yes, indeed. I'm anticipating a time when nobody in the world would find that unusual at all.


What a lovely, lovely advent tradition!
I think so too!